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Floral Collection

Signifying growth in all its glowing essence, our Floral Collection is the ultimate representation of expansion and prosperity. Each expertly handcrafted piece demonstrates detailed precision ensuring each look is blooming with perfection.


Product type
14k solid gold Sunflower Pendant
14K Yellow Gold Plumeria Bangle
14k solid gold Plumeria Flower Bracelet
14K Gold Plumeria Earrings
14K Two Tone Rose Earrings
14K Two-Tone Starfish Plumeria Pendant
14K Two Tone Rose Slide Pendant
14K Two-Tone Plumeria Ring
14K Two Tone Diamond Rose Earrings
14K Gold Plumeria Ring
14K Two Tone Diamond Rose Ring
14K Tricolor Plumeria Bangle
14K Tricolor Plumeria Pendant
14k solid gold Plumeria flower ring
14k Solid Gold Tri Color Plumeria Earrings
14k solid gold two tone Rose ring

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